Saturday, December 4, 2010

Leddy Rae and Dani - Christmas

All I can say is oh my goodness! Meet Leddy Rae. She is the girlest (not sure if that's a work but it fits-you should have seen all her jewelry), sassy (in a good way), cute, freckled-face, brown- eyed 4 year old! I was going to take some photos of Leddy Rae and Dani (she's 6 weeks old already) together for Christmas. Well while Dani was getting could I resist a big fluffly pettiskirt, big polka dotted bow, cute shoes, and Leddy Rae. She posed and smiled and told me secrets about her "boyfriend", turquoise playdough, and all her pets names. She even put her hair in pony tail by herself after we were done and used the hair spray. What a delight! And after lots of pics of just Leddy Rae, I did get some of the girls together.....

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