Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lillie and Sophie - 1st Birthday

Lillie and Sophie turned a year old on Jan 6! They were one of the first photo shoots I had last year. Here they are at 6 weeks old......

and here they are now! Wow have they grown! They are so cute and definitely have their own personalities. Sophie tends to be a little more laid back, happy-go-lucky and Lillie is sweet and a bit more of a Mama's girl. They look more alike than they did at first. I've loved watching them grow this first year!

We wanted to do birthday cake photos. Lillie wasn't sure about it....touched the icing and realized it was on her hands and she was VERY upset and didn't want anything else to do with the cupcake!

But Sophie..... she had fun. She dipped her finger in the icing, licked it, and loved it!

We also took these since their family are Steeler fans and the Superbowl is this cute!

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