Friday, March 25, 2011

Caleb and Mommy

Caleb is 18 months old and a ball of energy! It is always difficult to get "posed" photos with children his age. So I'm taking a different approach. I want families just to "play" - to run, to tickle, to laugh, to snuggle, to just have fun and forget that I'm there with my camera. My very favorite images are the ones that capture the emotions between them. That's my goal - to show the outside of person but more importantly the inside. And that's what I see here- the inside, the soul, of a sweet mother and the love and joy she feels for her precious son.

1 comment:

  1. Kim, I am in love with these photos! You did such an awesome job with Caleb. He is 100% boy and is very crazy at times but you were amazing to be able to get on his level and just snap away.

    I love this boy more then life itself and each time I look into his big blue eyes it reminds me why God created me!

    Thank you for capturing our LOVE in these photos!!!