Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Madi turns 1!

Well I can't believe Madi is already a year old. It just seems like yesterday she was born and we were celebrating after 4 long months with her Mommy on bedrest. We thought she would come very early and have to be in the NICU like her sister was. But what a blessing that she came only about 4 weeks early and weighed over 6 lbs! (Huge compared to the 3 lbs her older sister weighed at birth!)
Madi is sweet, calm, serious, and sometimes very loud! It's soooo hard for me to get a smile out of her for a photo. She's just a serious little girl watching everything going on around her. But I was thrilled to get these pictures of some smiles. She loves cake and really most food as there's not much she doesn't like, except green beans. She's almost walking and can stand by herself and is crawling very, very fast. She's also talking alot....and can say "Nana" very well!

Her birthday party had a ladybug theme, with ladybug cakes and cookies. She wore her ladybug outfit. Isn't she the cutest ladybug ever?

And I know it's about a month after Christmas but here's her Christmas pics! They were just too cute to not post a few.....

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